Download Best Video Editing Apps for Android Latest Version 2022


The applications used for creating and editing videos are becoming more and more popular due to the increasing demand and need of users so these applications must be launched constantly to meet the needs of these users, but which of these applications is the best video design software to use? Here is a list of the ten best video editing and making software so that everyone can refer to this list and find the video editing software that meets their needs.


The first app from this list is KineMaster which was released a long time ago and many users liked it. This app offers a lot of useful features and tools to use in video editing. The first thing this video editing and design software has is the ability to import and extract videos with maximum quality. The size of the extracted video from this app is up to 4K. Besides, there are great features that this great software has like editing tools, lighting filters, critically acclaimed effects, and much more.


It ranks second in the list of 10 best video editing software for those of you who need a decent mobile video design software to handle light and simple tasks. Edit your videos quickly and effectively by providing in-depth control options, lots of custom effects, etc.

Alight Motion

If it comes to color-specific apps, it's impossible not to mention the name Light Motion. It is an excellent application for color correction. In addition to providing users with a color palette of millions of different colors to use in many other parts of the video, the app can also create very smooth motion effects for your creative freedom. Besides, users can also combine layers to form a unique video.

InShot Pro

InShot is one of the best video editing apps today and it is an app with a relatively long lifespan and unique features. Perhaps the most notable part of this app is its effects when there are many effects that users can choose from like fast forward or slow down the video When users combine multiple videos to make one video, the app transition effects are various to make the video come alive. When watching a video with many other things combined, if there are many transitions, it is easier to follow the content of the video.


If you want to create high-quality, vibrant videos that are kid-friendly, FilmoraGo will be the perfect choice to do it unlike other software, in this app, users create their own filters and the app only provides tools to do that but freedom and creativity are what the app provides support For video editing capabilities, the app can also customize video parameters like exposure, saturation, and more thanks to these tools, your video will be perfect after you finish editing.


Viva Video is a video maker software that is loved by millions of people because of the great features it can provide to everyone. One of the unique features in this app is GIF MAKER to easily create your own GIFs. The app will automatically create a video for the user to create their GIF along with that. There is also the feature of adding text to video not only the add but the app also provides more text effects to make it more attractive.

Cute Cut Pro

Cute Cut Pro is a simple and easy to use video design and editing program that can be quickly recognized even for the first time you use it. The application provides basic tools such as video trimming and merging for use in editing. The effect of the app is also worth mentioning as it offers unique effects like glitch and other classic style effects besides the music is also a strong point of the app with a huge music treasure to choose from for your videos.


These are the best professional video editing apps available for popular Android smartphones. You can rely on this list and refer to it and choose among these applications to suit your desire. Each program in this list has its own unique characteristics that differ from the rest of the other applications on the list, and we hope that you will find what you like.