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Youtube APK (MOD, Premium/No ADS) - There are plenty of exciting features in this app that make people go crazy. It is a perfect and most convenient app to watch videos online. It has many options to make your user experience better by providing the adjustment option for settings the playback speed or videos. This is just one thing, if you are interested in seeing what's more in YouTube then keep reading and learn everything this app has got.

What is YouTube APK?

YouTube is a simple yet a perfect video streaming application that works for free and provides so much value to its users. There is a large collection of the videos that you can download for your viewing. These videos can also be downloaded or put to a later playlist. You can also create playlists and only subscribe to those channels you want to watch.

Just like any other application YouTube has two versions; paid one and premium one. The paid one contains ads on videos, while the premium one blocks all the ads and provides a much better experience of video streaming. There are so many extra features in YouTube's premium version that people definitely want to buy it and enjoy their favorite videos in a better way.

What is YouTube Mod APK?

With the word mod you would have guessed what is this version and what's its purpose. It is a cheat version of YouTube which is launched for the users who want premium features without paying any charges. You must be wondering how you can get all the paid features for free.

Well this is possible with the help of YouTube Mod APK which provides all the features in this version for free. Those who cannot afford to purchase the paid versions of the games and apps usually use this trick. Similarly the YouTube fanatics who cannot pay for the premium YouTube package, can download this app and enjoy it.

Watch Free Videos

YouTube is developed so you may watch free videos 24/7 without any interruption. You must have known about all those platforms of video streaming that charge a hefty amount to work and play videos for you. On the other hand YouTube is still the same and provides big value to its viewers.

You can watch videos of all kinds for free because you never have to think even once about paying the subscription cost. There is never any need to pay for YouTube because it has always been free since it was launched. 

Millions of YouTube Channel to Subscribe

There are literally millions of YouTube channels out there which you can subscribe to and watch their content. You will find every genre, every type of video and a large number of videos that you have never imagined. Such a large number of channels will give you a diversified option on YouTube.

Watch/Create YouTube Shorts

Not only there are videos, but there are also YouTube shorts of like 1 minute or less that are basically used for the storytelling. It won't be wrong to say that YouTube Shorts is the new TikTok where you can watch mini videos and enjoy them.

There are various types of these YouTube Shorts that you can enjoy irrespective of anything. You can also create YouTube shorts if you are a creator on this platform. Of course you will get paid to make YouTube shorts if you have a monetizable channel.

Videos Categorized as Genres

There are videos that are categorized as genres. You can watch those videos and see what is the best one which suits your needs. You can watch movies, series, sports, news, cartoons, education videos and tutorials, roasting videos, and documentaries. The list is quite long which does not end shortly with a few options. You will definitely get to enjoy YouTube a lot.

Like and Comment Videos

You can put likes and comments on the videos you like. There is a like and dislike button on every video that you can choose as per your preferences. You may also leave a comment on the videos and share your views like whatever you think after watching a particular video. This feature allows users to put forward their thoughts and share their views publicly with the world. You can avail this feature to do the same and voice your opinion to reach millions of people.

Download the Videos

You can also download the videos to watch later when you do not have the access to the internet. These videos won't be saved in your device storage or gallery, but inside the YouTube app. It is a perfect feature for the time when your internet is not available and you are getting bored. In this case you can watch the downloaded videos no matter how heavy those videos are in storage size.

Simple Search Option

There is a simple search button in this app which makes things quite easier for it's users. You can just open this search option and write the name of the video or channel you want to watch. Instantly a number of options will be shown in front of you on the screen from which you can choose your favorite one.

Watch Later Playlist

Suppose that you have seen a YouTube video thumbnail that looks so attractive and now you want to watch it, but unfortunately you don't have enough time to watch it. You can just click on the side of the video and save it into the watch later playlist. This playlist on YouTube is used to save all those videos that you plan to watch later in your leisure time. Therefore you can save those videos in this playlist and watch later peacefully.

Create Playlists

You can create many other playlists using this feature. It all depends upon you what is your taste and which videos you want to save. All of the playlists could be different from one another so you can keep one type of video in one playlist. In this way all the videos will not mix up into each other, leaving you confused.

Set Playback Speed

There is an option of adjusting the playback speed of the YouTube videos so you can view them in the slower or faster mode. The levels are different that you can set as per your own personal preference. You can see the speeds at 0.5x, 0.25x, normal, 1.5x and 2.0x whichever you like.

Options to Block Channels

If you think some channels are annoying for you or they offend you, then you can also block them. By blocking them you will never get to see them. You may use this option at any stage you want so you choose to see only particular types of YouTube channels in your feed.

Video Recommendations

You will get to see so many video recommendations based on the current status of the videos you like. With this feature you will get to know about new YouTube channels and videos that might be of your interest. In this way you can easily find new videos and connect with new channels.

Report Unusual Videos or Comments

If you think a video or comment is not normal or safe and it shouldn't be on YouTube, then use the option of report button to provide a certain reason and request to remove that particular thing off the YouTube. YouTube promotes a safe environment for it's users, so it is requested to immediately report any obscene or triggering content be it a video or just a comment threatening someone.

Search and Watch History

YouTube also offers the search and watch history for its users. Whatever you have searched on the search bar, and whichever video or short you have played will be saved in the history. You can have a look at the history whenever you want otherwise you can also mute the history so your searching and streaming record doesn't get stored. Hence you can stay safe and secured as your search and streaming history will never be collected by YouTube to display in your app.

Complete Privacy

Users will get to experience complete privacy within this application as there will be no source to get your personal information leaked. Whatever you are streaming or doing in this app will remain up to your own self as nobody is there to invade your privacy.

Share Videos Directly

With a simple option you can share your videos directly to social media or with your contact privately. You just need to use the share button and a number of apps will be opened in front of you. As per your convenience you can choose any app to send those videos to your contacts, or just copy the video link on board and paste it anywhere you want.

Watch Videos in HD and 4K

The streaming quality of the videos is very high on YouTube. You can now enjoy videos in 4k and HD mode by selecting the option. In this way you will get to enjoy your favorite videos in the bestest video quality. It is undoubtedly one of the best conveniences offered by YouTube to it's creators and regular users.

Upload Videos

When you become a creator on YouTube, you get to upload the videos. You can create the videos using the YouTube studio and then upload the videos on your YouTube channel. Your YouTube channel will show up all those videos after you upload them on your channel.

Become a Top Creator

On YouTube with the same technique you can become a top creator. You can display your talent and videos on youtube channels and will become a top creator. Your skills will determine how you want to display them and earn a game for yourself.

Add Posts as Creator

You can add the written posts with texts and images or polls on your channel. This feature is given to a particular creator who has crossed a fixed number of subscribers on YouTube. You can interact with your audience using this option and add posts to share updates with them.

Win Silver and Gold Play Button

When you hit 100k followers on YouTube, you get a silver play button, when you hit 1 million subscribers on YouTube you earn a gold play button. In this way you can work hard and have a passion for winning all these play buttons that YouTube gives to it's famous creators.

Earn Money via Sponsors and Ads

Now the real question is how you can earn money from YouTube videos. It is an easy thing to understand, you need to put ads on your videos to earn money. It works in a way that you apply ads to your monetizable videos and the viewers watch it within the videos.

The other way is to get the sponsor ads for your videos. You can promote those particular products or services in a certain way in your videos and your sponsors will pay you for this favor. That's how many YouTube creators are earning a lot of money.

Connect with other Devices

You can connect your YouTube app from your smartphone to other devices such as Chromecast, TV, laptop etc. In this way you can enjoy your favorite content on the big screen and watch your favorite videos with a better experience.

Set Settings Accordingly

There is a whole list of settings for each account, be it a creator or just a user. You can set all the options according to your choice and comfort. If you want to activate or restrict something, then the options will be easily available in YouTube settings.

Good User Interface

The user interface of this app is so good that you will enjoy every single bit of it. It is so easy to use, provides an excellent streaming experience to it's users that it becomes entirely irreplaceable.

Additive Platform

YouTube is such an addiction platform that people cannot keep themselves from using this app. They will continue watching videos day and night all the time because the variety is also never ending. If you love YouTube then you must be that one addictive fan who thinks YouTube is the only best video streaming platform in the whole world.

Get New Video Notifications

Whenever your favorite creator posts ok YouTube you will get a notification on your mobile screen. In this way you will never miss any of the new videos on YouTube. All you have to do is activate the notifications and get all the alerts of latest updates and new videos.

No Ads

If we talk about the ads in YouTube Mod APK, then we have to tell you that they have been blocked in this version of YouTube. Normally you have to watch ads in the beginning or middle of the videos which is quite annoying. The premium version charges a good amount to remove these ads, but YouTube Mod APK offers this feature for free to please it's users. 

No Subscription Needed

What could be better news than this one is that you never need a subscription to avail all the premium features, tools and options. Whatever you can get in a premium package will be available in the mod version of YouTube because it has been prepared to serve every person's interest.

Anti-ban Feature

The anti-ban feature is very important in the modified or advanced versions of the applications and games. It happens a number of times that users get banned for using all those cheat versions of the regular app. To never get banned and keep availing the premium features for free, this app also has an anti-ban feature that prevents users from getting restricted from using YouTube Mod APK. If you plan to use this app for the long-term, then this feature is going to help you a lot

Free to Download and Use

This application is totally free for downloading and usage. This is great news for the users because they do not have to pay for the charges no matter what. In case you are new to YouTube Mod APK and want to download it, then you can do it without paying any downloading fee. On the other hand if you are interested in using this app completely, availing all of it's features then you are also free to do it as all the features are available for free.


  • Free and unlimited video streaming
  • No ads
  • Variety of videos and channels
  • Become a creator and earn money
  • Anti-ban
  • Good user interface


  • Contains bugs
  • Slow performance


YouTube Mod APK is a complete package for you so that you can enjoy the best video streaming option with the amazing features and great options. Having this platform you will never have to look up to other options which are available in the market. The performance provided by YouTube is exceptional which is why this app is recommended to all the users.


Where can I get the YouTube Mod APK?

You can get YouTube Mod APK easily on our website King Mod APK as it is available on this website right on this page. You just have to click on the download button and it will start downloading on your device. Later on you can install the app and start using it.

Can I download YouTube videos via YouTube Mod APK?

Yes you can download videos via YouTube Mod APK but the only difference is that these videos won't be saved in the storage of your device, but in the YouTube application itself. It does not allow downloading the videos privately for saving because it is counter as an illegal thing as per the YouTube policy.

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