WhatsApp new feature: Transfer WhatsApp chats without Google Drive‏

Yes, there are reports that WhatsApp is currently testing a new feature that allows users to transfer their chats between different devices without the need for a Google Drive backup on Android. This feature works by creating a direct connection between the devices using Wi-Fi technology.

This feature is already available in the beta version of WhatsApp and is expected to be available for all users at a later time. This feature will allow users to easily transfer their chats between their mobile phones, computers, and tablets, making the WhatsApp experience smoother and more convenient.

However, this feature requires the user to confirm each new device they log in to before they can access their chats. Users can also disable this feature if they do not want to use it.

It is important to note that transferring chats between devices without a backup can expose users' data to the risk of loss or hacking. Therefore, users should be careful to protect their accounts with strong passwords and activate security measures such as passcodes or two-factor authentication if available.

It should be noted that for users who use WhatsApp on iPhones, smooth transfer of chats between devices is already done via iCloud. However, this feature is not currently available for Android users.

Finally, users should be careful not to exchange sensitive information through messaging apps, whether we transfer chats between devices without a backup or not. They should also ensure they use reliable security software and regularly update their operating systems to keep their data safe.